A gift in your will gives hope and opportunities to children and adults living with physical disabilities.

What will
my legacy be?

May is a time of renewal and growth. It is also Leave a Legacy month. A fitting time to consider the power of making a gift in your Will.

habilitas giving

Do you sometimes wish you could do more?

Many of us feel that our capacity to make a significant gift today is restrained by the reality of living on a fixed income, or the fact that our biggest assets are tied up in our homes and our retirement plans.

A gift in your will is a way to have an impact on the future without affecting the quality of life you have today. It’s also a way to ensure the sustainability of a cause that’s close to your heart.

Our vision at Habilitas Foundation of creating a world where disabilities are no longer disabling, is a long term one. Remembering us by putting a gift in your Will is a simple way to achieve this. It’s also a way to make a bigger gift than may be possible today.

Imagine the difference you will make to the generations that will follow you – the potential you have to change the world!

If you have any questions or would like to talk further, please contact Ron Depaola: or 514-299-5442

Attached are some examples of wording, which you can print, send to your notary or lawyer, or keep for the right moment- PDF Document

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