We developed this series because you’ve made such a difference and we wanted to show you the real impact of your gifts. We truly appreciate you!

Episode 5

August, 2021

The Return of Camp Massawippi

Episode 5: Complete
27 minutes

Episode 4

April, 2021

How research changes lives. 

Episode 4: Complete
25 minutes

Episode 3

February, 2021

This third episode showcases the passion, courage, adaptability and innovation of our dedicated partners over this challenging year. We celebrate your support of Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay, the Action Center, and Camp Massawippi.

Episode 3: Complete
43 minutes

Episode 3: Recap
3 minutes

Episode 2

December, 2020

On this episode we celebrate the courageous and innovative work being accomplished at the fully adapted Camp Massawippi during these challenging times.

Episode 2: Complete
42 minutes

Episode 2: Recap
4 minutes

Episode 1

October, 2020

This first episode, a revealing conversation with Alysa and Alana, will demonstrate the impact of your loving support on the lives of real people. These vibrant women will share their personal stories about how they and their sons experience the rehabilitation services at Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay and at the Mackay Centre School.

Episode 1: Complete
40 minutes

Episode 1: Recap
2 minutes