With your support, we can help people move.


With your support, we can help people move.

We support children and adults in living fulfilled and active lives, helping them fulfill their potential.



Advances in modern medicine have made it possible to save babies born prematurely or with complications in the womb or during delivery. However, many of these babies will have impairments that limit their mobility, coordination and motor function for the rest of their lives.

Hospitals save these children’s lives. The MAB-Mackay works to provide them with quality of life, helping them to reach their full potential, and supporting their families through their journey.

Watching our son Matty run his little heart out at the athletic competition was unbelievable. This milestone in Matty’s life, and every other one, started at the MAB-Mackay – from talking and walking, to swimming and even biking – they all began with therapy at this special centre!”

Christine, Matty’s mom


Our life plans can be abruptly interrupted by an unexpected accident or medical condition. Suddenly, everyday tasks like getting out of bed, writing a letter, pouring a drink, or speaking can become an important challenge.

Constance-Lethbridge provides hope to people with a brain injury or other motor disabilities. They offer support through what could be a long and lonely recovery process, helping individuals to reintegrate into society, manage their energy level, and ultimately gain a better quality of life.

The doctors didn’t think I’d make it through the first night in the hospital after my bicycle accident. Without the wonderful, caring people at the Constance-Lethbridge, I have no doubt that my quality of life would be terribly affected.


Through you we support


With your support, we can create a world where silence is no longer deafening.

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Social Integration

With your support we can open up the world to all people living with physical disabilities – one opportunity at a time.

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With your support, we can give children a voice so they can play with their friends, succeed at school and share with their families.

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With your support, we can empower and bring light into the lives of people whose eyes see darkness.

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