Quality of life.
Making it better.
That is what we do!

Our Values

Inspired and guided by

our core values of

Impact, Stewardship and Love,
we at HABILITAS are excited to create a world where physical disabilities are no longer disabling.


We are committed to making a real difference by taking a leading role in shaping physical rehabilitation. Our courage and dedication allow us to push boundaries and truly help more people live better.


We honour our commitments and relationships with universal respect and transparency for those we support and those who support us. We are accountable in the way we maximize the impact of every donation, no matter its size.


We truly love our beneficiaries, our centres, our community, and our donors. We love our work and we love helping. We deliver our vision with care, compassion, kindness and true authenticity.

The Journey

Our Team

Creative. Strategic. Collaborative. Kind. 

These are the characteristics that best describe the HABILITAS team. Our board of directors, our strategic committees, and our foundation staff all work collaboratively, and care deeply about our clients and the donors that impact their lives. We are grateful to work in such a vibrant and purposeful environment.