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Created in 2007 when the MAB and Mackay Centre joined forces, The MAB-Mackay married the MAB’s expertise working with people living with vision impairments, with Mackay Centre’s deep understanding of how to support individuals who were Deaf or physically impaired.


Originally founded in 1937, Constance-Lethbridge catered to both children and adults living with motor impairments and mobility issues.

Rehabilitation Centre

The Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre is the result of a merger in 2016 between the MAB-Mackay and Constance-Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centres.

Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay is a leader in the Montreal community, caring for people of all ages with impairments that limit mobility or motor function, communication disorders, visual impairments, or who are deaf or hard of hearing. In addition to their three sites, Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay works with clients in homes, daycares, schools, and places of work. It is the only rehabilitation centre in Montreal that serves children and adults in all four areas of physical impairment.

Stories of Impact


The MAB-Mackay has been there for Zachary and his family since he was a toddler and his family discovered he was profoundly deaf. Zachary is now eight years old – read how the MAB-Mackay has supported him in his own words.

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The transition to their care was incredible! We were relieved and encouraged that their focus was on Eytan’s therapies and early intervention rather than on his diagnosis. The MAB-Mackay became a place I could share both my joy and my fears. I felt heard and understood.

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Fifteen summers ago, I spent my first amazing stay at Camp Massawippi. I’ve come back every year since, and I can’t wait to return again this summer.

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