A gift in your will gives hope and opportunities to children and adults living with physical disabilities.

Imagine the difference you will make to the generations that will follow you – the potential you have to change the world!

All these years later, Joan still remembers the special care her mother received from the MAB-Mackay. “My mother had always been very socially active before her vision problem developed,” recalls Joan. “When her vision deteriorated, she was unable to go about her usual daily activities on her own. Her world began to shrink, and Mom became more and more isolated.”

Since 1908, the MAB-Mackay has been assisting people in our community with visual impairments or blindness, helping them to develop the life skills and strategies that empower them to regain their independence and quality of life. Joan’s mother benefitted from many of the centre’s services, including the Day Centre. “They provided her with helpful and empowering tools, including a walking cane and devices that gave her the ability to manoeuver at home and outdoors. These little things allowed Mom to live alone and feel a sense of independence,” says Joan.

“For over fifteen years, Wednesdays were the highlight of her week. It was this day that she went to the Day Centre. It was a place where Mom felt normal. She was able to forget about her disability, if just for a little while.”

I remember how caring and supportive all the staff were. They truly understood what my mom was going through.

“The wonderful staff made every effort to address her and my concerns. In appreciation, I decided to leave a gift in my will to the MAB-Mackay. It feels great to know that I can help ensure that others facing vision loss would receive the same incredible level of care and support my Mom and I did.”


What will
my legacy be?

habilitas giving

Do you sometimes wish you could do more?

Many of us feel that our capacity to make a significant gift today is restrained by the reality of living on a fixed income, or the fact that our biggest assets are tied up in our homes and our retirement plans.

A gift in your will is a way to have an impact on the future without affecting the quality of life you have today. It’s also a way to ensure the sustainability of a cause that’s close to your heart.

Our vision at Habilitas Foundation of creating a world where disabilities are no longer disabling, is a long term one. Remembering us by putting a gift in your Will is a simple way to achieve this. It’s also a way to make a bigger gift than may be possible today.

For a confidential conversation, please contact Sean Zikman: sean.zikman@habilitas.ca or (514) 488-0043 ext. 1410

Attached are some examples of wording, which you can print, send to your notary or lawyer, or keep for the right moment.