Story of Impact


young teen age counselor seated at left in a ball hat and life vest, leans over and speaks with a young camper in a wheelchair in a blue bucket hat and patterned life vest.

With the arrival of warmer weather and longer days, summer can’t be too far away.

Many parents are thinking of options to occupy their child’s time and make the most of the beautiful season. Many see summer camp as an opportunity for development, socialization, independence – and fun.

For our daughter Juliette, most of the summer options we take for granted are simply out of reach.

Juliette is 12 years old. She’s a very playful and sociable child. She was also born with a rare genetic disorder, of which there are only around a hundred cases worldwide.

Her condition causes overall developmental delay that affects both her motor and cognitive functions. She mainly uses a wheelchair to get around, and requires assistance for her daily life, like dressing, cleaning, and eating. She can express herself in very simple words, but mostly uses a simplified sign language style.

Despite her difficulties, Juliette adapts well, has a lot of fun and loves people. It’s already been five years since her first stay at Camp Massawippi. I remember she didn’t want to leave when we came back for her after that first summer!

Since then, she’s always very excited to go to Camp Massawippi, because she knows she’ll be surrounded by friends and will enjoy some very stimulating activities. And as parents, we have the peace of mind of knowing that Juliette is in good hands at camp and that everything will be done to ensure her well-being. The team is always on hand to support Juliette with her basic needs, and to help her get to the various camp activities.

It would be difficult for us to provide Juliette with such wonderful adventures in the company of so many friends without Camp Massawippi. Even if she can’t express it clearly, we know that she has very enriching experiences at camp that allow her to try new activities and grow. Some of her favourite camp activities are group campfires, singing, dancing and crafts. We’re very happy to be able to offer Juliette this moment of pure pleasure.

You’ve helped make it all possible! Through your invaluable support for Camp Massawippi, you give different children the chance to experience nature and community spirit, and allow parents to take a moment’s rest in complete confidence.

Juliette is really looking forward to getting together with her friends this summer. I’m also looking forward to volunteering with the adaptive water ski team, and having the chance to offer this very special experience to the campers.

As summer approaches, I invite you to renew your important support for this unique summer camp by making your annual donation. You’ll be directly helping the camp offer young people a transformative experience that will leave them with unforgettable memories.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support of Camp Massawippi.

Marc-Antoine, Juliette’s grateful father

P.-S. Everyday life with a child with multiple disabilities has its challenges. Camp Massawippi is an integral part of our daughter Juliette’s life every summer, offering her the chance to blossom and be independent that is so important to her personal growth. Juliette’s stay at camp in the middle of summer provides us with a valve to recharge our batteries and give us the energy to keep going. Thank you for your vital support!

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