Exceptional Child Campaign

Every child deserves to be exceptional.

Augusta was about three months old when her parents noticed that her vision seemed different. She wasn’t reacting like her older sisters did at the same age. From this moment, Augusta’s life was comprised of countless medical appointments, hospital visits and genetic tests. It was later confirmed that she was born with a rare genetic mutation causing blindness, profound developmental delays, seizures, lack of movement control, absence of language, inability to swallow liquids, among other conditions.

With the help of our donors, the MAB-Mackay has provided Augusta with a customized therapy program, including vision therapy, occupational and physio therapy, feeding clinic support, music therapy and hydrotherapy. They’ve created her own adapted stroller and standing frame, and loaned the family many specialized toys to stimulate her vision.

Augusta is just one of hundreds of babies and children who are referred to the MAB-Mackay each year. “The parents are in shock, many in mourning. At our centre, we try to answer their questions and accompany the entire family on this journey,” explains Suzanne Cloutier, Associate Director of Rehabilitation at the MAB-Mackay.

Recent medical advances have meant that more babies with profound disabilities are surviving critical and previously terminal complications. These children need increasingly specialized therapies to overcome complex and multiple impairments.

The Habilitas Foundation recognizes the need to do more for these exceptional children. This is why we’ve launched the $1 million Exceptional Child Campaign, to help these children at this most vulnerable stage in their development.

The Exceptional Child Campaign will enhance and expand the care for these children and their families with new clinics, high-tech equipment, and expanded support for parents.

For more information about the Exceptional Child Campaign and the different projects within, please contact
Sean Zikman, Director of Philanthropy, at sean.zikman@habilitas.ca or (514) 488- 0043 ext. 1410.