These are unprecedented times we are living through.
The shutdown and its effects in every aspect of our lives are especially difficult for people with a physical impairment, or for parents raising a child with a disability.
The interruption of critical rehabilitation therapies and the increase in social isolation present serious challenges to the very real and immediate needs of those who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, or who have motor impairments.
Some examples of where your Emergency Fund donation may be used:

For children born with motor impairments whose therapies have been suspended, they risk falling behind in their development. Parents struggling with the realities of raising a child with complex physical disabilities feel more alone, as they cope with the crisis while protecting their child’s physical and mental health.

For seniors who are blind or visually impaired, safety in the home is a major concern. Getting around their homes, cooking, reading the directions on their medication, and keeping themselves occupied is a challenge.

For the Deaf and hard of hearing, a breakdown in their hearing aid or cochlear implant can cut off their access to sound and the world around them.

To help these people at their most vulnerable, the Habilitas Foundation has created the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. This special fund will help provide the tools for rehabilitation professionals to maintain therapies and break down the barriers of loneliness which are exceptionally challenging right now.

Please help us to help people living with physical disabilities through this crisis by supporting the Habilitas COVID-19 Emergency Fund today.
We all have to stick together in these tough times. People with disabilities need our help, as much today as ever.
Thank you for being such a good friend to our cause in the past. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Theodora Brinckman at (514) 882-7550 or

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