We have some exciting news to share! The Action Centre Foundation has merged with the Habilitas Foundation. This partnership will help strengthen and ensure the continuity and growth of essential programming to meet the needs of Action Centre members. The Action Centre welcomes adults who have one or more physical disabilities. The Action Centre’s services aim to integrate members into their community, help them contribute to the best of their ability, and have a sense of pride and accomplishment in what they do.

An Action Centre member named Audrey shared her perspective when she said,

“The Action Centre has brought so much joy and hope to my life. It’s a place where I can interact with others and participate in many fun and interesting activities. If it wasn’t for the Action Centre, I would be at home alone or at a shopping centre waiting for the day to end.”

Thanks to donors like you, Action Centre members like Audrey will continue to benefit from programs designed to increase their independence, personal growth, health and well being by assisting them in learning through educational, social, cultural, leisure and recreational opportunities in a safe, caring environment, promoting peer support, trust and acceptance.

This partnership has one goal in mind; to continue and grow programming and activities that will enrich the lives of all Action Centre members.