Habilitas is a Montreal-based foundation that dreams of a world where physical disabilities are no longer disabling. The foundation raises funds for a wide array of service providers in order to ensure that people with physical disabilities receive the best rehabilitation possible. Maximizing quality of life and helping people realize their full potential is what Habilitas strives for.



With your support, we can empower and bring light into the lives of people whose eyes see darkness.

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With your support, we can create a world where silence is no longer deafening.

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With your support, we can help people move.

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With your support, we can give children a voice so they can play with their friends, succeed at school, and share with their families.

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Social Integration

With your support we can open up the world to all people living with physical disabilities – one opportunity at a time.

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Successful Projects

With your support we have been able to successfully realize many innovative and impactful projects.

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Every Child Has A Right To Play

Help us to create an Inclusive Playground for the children of the Mackay Centre & Philip E. Layton schools